Partner: A and A Orchard

Size/Unit(s): pint

Price: $7.00

Description: Made with our Arkansas Black apples. Because we had to meet a certain bricks reading (measurement of sugar) during a rather quick cook time we did add sugar and lemon juice. We also added cinnamon and nutmeg to enhance the flavor, but sparingly so as not to hide the apple taste.

Notes: Arkansas Black apples are very tart right off the tree, but as the Black sits it becomes sweeter and develops its complex flavor. It was in February when the Black has the most flavor that we took a large quantity of the Blacks to the University of Arkansas and used the Food Science Departments state of the art kitchen to make the apple butter and applesauce. The Arkansas Black is an apple that started from a seedling in Benton county in the mid 1900's. It is local to our area, locally grown with minimal spray and processed at the University of Arkansas. Our apple butter and applesauce make a tasty, local holiday gift!