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Mike Thompson

Fayetteville, AR

Mike spent about 20 years in the business world and moved with his family to NWA for an opportunity for Wal-Mart. Upon moving to NWA, Mike was able to pursue his passion of making ice cream but realized that healthy and nutritious options are not available in the marketplace. With this in mind, he started his company Pedal Pops which creates and sells all-natural frozen pops made with simple ingredients with no added preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners, or thickening agents. One of the main differences between Pedal Pops and Popsicles or other frozen fruit bars is that no water or thickening agents are added to the pops. The next time you check out the ingredients panel on a box of your favorite pops, you’ll see either Guar Gum or Xantham Gum. While they are natural thickening agents, these additional ingredients are added to help thicken and stabilize a watered down pop. Watered down = less flavor… Pedal Pops only uses fresh fruit and natural Stevia which helps keep the sugars and calories low making them the perfect snack at the office, on a warm summer day, after school, or even after a workout. With Stevia used as the natural sweetener, you don’t have to worry about (you or your children) experiencing the sugar high followed by the crash of eating of a pop flavored with cane sugar. After your first bite, we hope you’ll agree with our motto that “Simple Ingredients are Simply Delicious”