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Susan Frey

Prairie Grove, AR

Wild Streak Plants offers NWA a wide selection of native perennial wildflowers, grasses and vines. Our plants are nursery propagated and grown predominantly from seed with origins in this region – this means that genetically, the plants are adapted to the Ozarks region. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices at the nursery and grow our plants with the intention of supporting a wide range of butterfly, bird, bee, and other insect pollinators. Pest management at the nursery is limited to controls that do not adversely affect beneficial pollinators. As a result, some insect use may be present on the plants. We consider beneficial insect use a desirable outcome of growing native plants – a good example is monarch caterpillars feeding on milkweed leaves. It’s our desire that you enjoy not only the plants, but also the insects, butterflies, and birds that they attract and support.