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Ann Wells, Ron Marrow, Kim Martin

Fayetteville, AR

Ozark Pasture Beef started as a vision among a group of family farmers in Northwest Arkansas in 2001. Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable meats produced naturally on green grass, clean country air and sunshine. Ozark Pasture Beef produces some of the finest, grass-finished beef and lamb available anywhere. The unique climate of the Ozarks allows us to graze virtually year round and the key to great grass-finished beef is the grass. We intensively manage the pastures for both quantity and quality in order to produce a quality product. Each of the partners raises cattle and sheep the same way. They are fed 100% forage year round and nothing else. No grain or grain by products are fed, and no hormones or antibiotics are ever given. Grass-fed beef is leaner, will have more flavor, and more intense aroma than typical commodity beef. Fat in meat acts as an insulator during the cooking process helping to keep natural meat juices from cooking away and preserve moisture. Grass-fed beef being leaner needs a little more attention when cooking in order to maintain its tenderness and juiciness. The flavor of grass-finished beef can be more intense, more of that, good, old-fashioned beef flavor that we were used to growing up on the farm. The aroma of grass-finished beef is also more intense, after thawing, prior to cooking; you may experience a stronger beef odor than you are accustomed to with commodity beef. This is typical of natural, grass-finished beef, the meat is much more delicate, much like fine wine, and will release some of its essence when thawed. A sheet of cooking suggestions is available with your order and additional recipes are available also- be sure to know how to properly prepare your meat for a wonderfully delicious and healthy dish! We are pleased to be able to offer you pork from Kim Martin, a farmer who is our newest partner with Ozark Pasture Beef. This pork is pasture raised and is the Large Black breed of hog. It marbles well and has a very sweet taste.