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Debra (Deb) Elam McDonald and Darin McDonald

West Fork, AR

Wren Thicket Gardens is located between Greenland and West Fork, Arkansas. We cleared just enough wooded area to build a house, and we gradually added hoop houses and a packing shed. We are in the middle of thick woods, and the saucy little wrens are abundant here. Hence, the name Wren Thicket Gardens! We specialize in gourmet salad ingredients. Wren Thicket Gardens offers seasonal salad mixes that change with each harvest. We enjoy growing lettuces and greens that you are not likely to find at the grocery store—red, green, and variegated lettuces of many shapes and textures. We offer black kale, frilly kale, rainbow chard, red and green mizuna, endive, sorrel, celeriac, red and golden beet greens, arugula, pea shoots, purslane, and claytonia to name just a few. We also grow assorted edible flowers to finish off a perfect salad, in addition to a variety of herbs and cooking greens. We grow naturally (organic, but not certified) in raised beds inside unheated hoophouses. Our growing season is early fall to late spring. We grow a few vegetables, watermelon, cantaloupe, and fancy melons in the summer months at the family farm in Prairie Grove. In the spring of 2015 Deb added 6 bee hives to the mix. Beekeeping has always been something Deb wanted to do, and hopefully next summer will have a bountiful harvest of honey! Deb is the manager/owner of Wren Thicket Market.